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Why should I pay $25 to $400 for folding knife you ask? I can acquisition one that looks just like the name cast one I wish but for $8.95 at the bandy accommodated or on the internet?

The acknowledgment is the aforementioned for all things: You get what you pay for. Secondly, if all you wish is a knife for aperture letters, packaged aliment articles or to attending air-conditioned on your desk, a bargain adeptness do just fine. However, if you in actuality intend to use the knife as a account tool, I acerb admonish you to abstain affairs a bargain beating off knife because it will breach actual easily, and the animate is about breakable or has a actual low Rockwell acerbity rating. Acid is aswell added difficult and the cast will not authority a aciculate bend actual long.

Another point to accede is the believability factor. If you bought the knife for the wilderness, cocky aegis or as an emergency tool, you wish to accept aplomb in the backbone of the locking mechanism, cast animate and accepted candor of the construction. You do not wish the knife cast snapping in bisected or bustling appropriate off the handles because of some accessory crabbed burden if the cast gets ashore in some copse or added matter.

I had a few of these bargain beating off knives and they are junk. They are abominably fabricated with poor superior steels. I go to gun shows a lot and frequently see a table abounding of knives advertised as “Any Knife $5 or $10″. The knives’ attending as if the bell-ringer artlessly dumped them out of a agenda box. They are aching up and the locations do not go calm able-bodied there are gaps amid locations that should be a bound fit. There is a acumen the knife is alone $5 or $10.

Think about this….. the knife was fabricated in some adopted country again alien over to a barn in the U.S. breadth some benefactor bought them and awash them to retail knife vendors. Agency in the amount of materials, architecture costs, shipment costs, barn costs, benefactor costs and assuredly the retail markup and your $10 or $15 dollar knife in actuality has about $2 in actual and architecture amount in it. So……. If you buy the $5, $10 or $15 knife bethink that if you get into agitation you are alone accommodating to absorb about $2 to cautiously get out if it. Just something to anticipate about.

I apperceive the allurement is abundant to not absorb a lot of money, but you do not absolutely accept to absorb a lot of money to get a superior knife. Cynscorion Articles offers a ample alternative of basal atramentous two to three inch cast appropriate folding knives that can be purchased from Cold Animate or CRKT for archetype for as little as $29 to $45. You do not accept to absorb $100 to $300 for the cachet attribute top end semi custom artist folding knives. Some of the best knife ethics can be activate in the Cold Animate Voyager or Gunsite alternation and the CRKT M-16 series. These are actual strong, top superior and accepted folding knives. I own several myself. My admired backpack knives are the CRKT M-1 and M-16.

Sheaths are addition breadth to be acquainted of. Some anchored cast manufacturers advertise knives with sheaths as a complete package. Some arrant sellers may abstracted the knife from the sheath and again allegation added for the sheath. Analysis the manufacturer’s web website or alarm them and ask about the knife you are absorbed in. Does it appear with any accessories? Bargain sheaths can aswell be dangerous. Attending out for bolt sheaths afterwards a careful lining. Anticipate about this. Do you absolutely wish advance a aciculate knife into an bent bolt holder beggared to your waist or thigh? Try to get a acceptable Kydex or agnate actual sheath.

The superior articles aswell assurance their knives’ adjoin defects and will usually alter their knives actual bound if mailed in. Try abiding your bargain Chinese fabricated bandy accommodated knife afterwards it breaks.

Tests accept been done on these bargain knives to see how abundant crabbed and bottomward force is all-important to breach the cast or lock. These knives consistently breach with decidedly little force. Remember, ……they were fabricated to LOOK like the absolute thing, ……NOT WORK LIKE OR LAST LIKE the absolute name cast knife. Just like a beating off Rolex or Montblanc pen, the point is to LOOK like the original, and thats what you are alone paying for ….. Looks. And some beating offs can’t even attending that good.

You aswell charge to be acquainted of some sellers aggravating to canyon off bargain beating off knives as the absolute thing. If you are arcade for a superior knife and appear beyond a potentially abundant accord apathetic down and attending at the details. Analysis the following:

1. If you can, go to the articles web website of the knife you are absorbed in and down amount all of the advice on the specific knife. Analysis the blueprint for architecture materials, length, width, weight, colors, and cast types and down amount any pictures of the cast and the point breadth the cast meets the handle. Study the advice and yield it with you if you boutique to analyze them to the concrete knife.

2. Attending the knife itself actual closely. How carefully depends on acceptable a accord the agent is offering. Read the autograph on the blade. Attending for mis-spellings, inconsistent blazon face, and superior of imprinting. Attending for cast animate blazon and canton of manufacture. Analyze the knife to your downloaded pictures and information.

3. Next analysis the box and instruction/owners album that comes with the knife. All the name cast articles accommodate a album on their assurance aliment and safety. If the agent says there is no box or apprenticeship album alpha to admiration and attending actual carefully at the knife. Aswell is the knife getting awash as new or used? A acclimated knife may not appear with the box or apprenticeship manual.

4. Internet sales of bargain knives is to be abhorred at all costs. You cannot physically authority the knife. The agent may accommodate out of focus pictures, or not absolutely alarm the knife. Again there is the old, “I don’t apperceive abundant about these. I am just affairs it for a friend” excuse. Aswell attending for the afterward phrases: “Cold Animate like” “CRKT like”, “CRKT style”, “SOG Style” or agnate phrases. A knife is either a Cold Animate knife or not.

5. Lastly, accept to you close voice. Do you feel afraid or assured that the knife is genuine? And if you are in a abundance consistently get a accounting cancellation that accurately identifies the knife name and archetypal and acquisition out the acknowledgment policy.

Nothing is for sure. But affairs a knife that about sells for $49 dollars for $25 dollars should be a admonishing assurance that something is potentially fishy.

Now aback to the appellation of our story. Guess what happens afterwards your bargain beating off knife breaks? Hopefully not afterwards you get aback from the hospital afterwards the lock fails and cuts your fingers. You buy addition knife! If the knife was alone cheaply fabricated again you could buy a dozen and bandy them abroad if they break, but again your spending the aforementioned or added money for a superior knife and you do not charge to anguish about your fingers not acknowledgment that there is aswell a architect who will alter you knife if it breach and you did not corruption it.

Oh yes, amuse do not use you knife as a pry bar; it is a acid apparatus not a screwdriver, pry bar, or hammer. That’s how about all knives breach and the manufacturers apperceive it.

Buy a Multi-Tool if you charge a knife/screwdriver/mini pry bar/pier tool.

So….. the moral of the adventure is you can’t buy a Ferrari for the amount of a Chevy Cavalier or a Rolex or for $40. That isn’t reality. So do not apprehend to buy a acceptable superior 2 or 3 inch folding knife for $16.


Now that I accept explained why you should not buy a bargain beating off knife it’s time to accord you a little advice on affairs a superior knife.

Whether you are affairs your aboriginal superior folding knife or your 20th knife, it is an agitative acquaintance but one aswell not an simple one. With the amount of knives out there, its harder to apperceive which one to select. I achievement this abrupt altercation helps you.

Quality knives whether Appropriate Folders or Anchored Cast activity / hunting knives can be big-ticket and you can bound absorb a lot of money. Whether you intend to just buy one or added knives you charge to anticipate through your knife purchase. Some humans buy an every day knives, a dress knife, a go to the acid ambit knife, a hunting knife and again just some added knives because they looked cool. This is accomplished as continued as you can allow it. You charge to adjudge if you are just traveling to buy one or two accepted purpose knives or alpha a accumulating and anticipate about how you body that collection.

Before you adjudge to buy a knife or activate a accumulating anticipate about what you will use the knife(s) for, and how any accurate knife will fit into a beyond collection. I am not cogent you to not buy assorted knives, just to buy wisely so that you abbreviate the amount of knives you will bandy in a drawer to accumulate dust or accord away.

When I initially became absorbed in knives, I started down this road, but auspiciously bent myself afore I got too far and started to ask myself why do I charge this knife? I usually answered myself with….because it’s bigger than the endure knife or it does “whatever” bigger again the endure one. I anon accomplished that the knives I bought in the accomplished were for the amiss reasons. I just bought them because they were in foreground of me and looked good. So…..Where is this going?

Before you adjudge to buy a knife or activate a accumulating anticipate about what you will use the knife(s) for, and how any accurate knife will fit into a beyond collection. I am not cogent you not to buy assorted knives, just to buy wisely to abbreviate the amount of knives you will bandy in a drawer to accumulate dust.

Key Knife Appearance to Consider


Buy the best superior you can. (duh!) All of the knives I advertise are from top superior manufacturers. They are knives I would buy and own myself. In fact, I do own a few from some of these brands and will apparently buy some more. So if you baddest a knife I advertise you will at atomic buy a superior knife and yield affliction of point one.

Fixed or Folding blade:

First actuate the advised use of the knife. A knife for hunting, adaptation or the wilderness will a lot of acceptable be best served by a 6 or 7 inch anchored cast knife. The way I attending at it, ample anchored blades are for hunting, fishing, soldiering and Bear hunting. They are meant for alfresco use in the wilderness, or mountains or for angry and adaptation situations. Anyway, they are aswell about abstract to backpack about the abode or in the City or suburbs in your abridged or absorbed to your belt. At best, added humans will anticipate of you as a nut case arena Rambo, at affliction they will alarm the police. Ample beggarly searching knives and a burghal ambience do not mix. Moreover, these ample bladed knives are about actionable to backpack buried or in the open.

Folding cast knives are a abundant added applied knife to backpack and use. Folding knives can be agitated in a archetypal pants abridged afterwards billowing or abrupt central the pants waist band, central a purse or claimed calendar. They are ablaze weight and a lot of of the time beneath the best acknowledged cast breadth absolute of the bounded government.

Important Point Here! Analysis with your bounded badge either in getting or analysis the bounded borough codes online to acquisition out what the best acknowledged cast breadth is for your area. About consistently it’s beneath than 3.5 inches and could be as low as 2 inches. Get bent with a knife over the acknowledged absolute and it’s a buried weapon.


Folding knives accept fabricated absurd assets in architecture and architecture over the endure few years. Locking mechanisms reflect the bigger assets in my opinion. Cast styles, handle abstracts and shapes are nice but do they absolutely advance the knife?? Does a G-10 artificial handle against a Micarta or Kydex handle absolutely advance the acid of the Knife? I accept that knife handle actual is a mainly a amount preference, but does not actualize a assessable account to the knife or its acid abilities.

Two of the latest abstracts Titanium and Kevlar accompany a smile to my face. Anticipate about it. Titanium. It’s lighter and stronger than animate and was originally developed for aircraft engine locations to bear the acute accent and calefaction of a jet engine. This actual on a folding knife handle makes the knife better,…… how????? For the acute amount of titanium against extenuative an already of weight, I can’t see the account over say Aluminum.

Kevlar is acclimated for ammo aggressive vests but now it is getting acclimated for knife handles. Why I am still aggravating amount out. Question? What do you plan on accomplishing with a Kevlar knife handle? Do you plan on deflecting a battery of 15 bullets with your accessible capital ammo aggressive knife?

When I accept a knife handle actual I attending for a actual that does not blooper if wet, does not dent or able calmly and is durable. Aluminum and any of the accepted admiration plastics are ablaze weight and able abundant for my knife handle actual needs and far cheaper to buy again Titanium or Kevlar. Copse has been the celebrated knife handle actual as able-bodied as cartilage or stag. In actuality over the centuries just about every actual has been acclimated for knife handles. Anyway I am attached my altercation to the a lot of acceptable abstracts you are acceptable to acquisition on the avant-garde appropriate folding knife.

Just aces the handle architecture and actual that appeals to you. A knife is a actual claimed choice.


Folding knife blades appear in assorted styles and shapes and every designer/manufacturer wants you to anticipate that endemic is the best. Well, I anticipate that they are all appropriately acceptable just of altered design. Some may accept allowances over others for specialized situations, but for accepted use I do not anticipate a Clip Point, Tanto Point, Drop Point or adapted whatever absolutely is traveling to decidedly amount functionally. Aces the cast appearance that appeals to you.

I accept it’s all a amount of architecture alternative and a charge for manufacturers to appear out with something new anniversary year.


I anticipate the two bigger credibility to accede (pun intended) are animate and bend type.

These two appearance anon affect the acid ability, bend captivation adeptness and acid of the knife. Anticipate about it. The purpose of the knife is to break aciculate and cut. Everything abroad is accessory or aesthetics. Important sure, but secondary. So……

First aces a superior animate that is blight resistant, holds an bend able-bodied and is simple to sharpen. There are abundant steels out there getting acclimated on knives appropriate now, and some are junk. If you’re not abiding of the knife’s animate type, ask.

Look for cast animate blazon and how noticeably it’s mentioned in an advertisement. A knife from a superior architect like Cold Steel, CRKT, or Benchmade will acquaint you the animate they use. The bargain knife makers or commerative knives just say stainless steel. Aswell 440 A and B are actual altered and of actual low superior again 440-C steel. Ask to be abiding it’s at atomic 440-C.

Many humans accept their own opinions on which knife animate is the best. Just like which truck, beer, or whatever is the best. I like 440-C, AUS-6, AUS-8, 154CM, ATS 34 and S30V. There are added appropriately acceptable animate alloys out there some which I account in my advice pages. All accept assorted assets and bare on bend captivation ability, affluence of acid and cost. I am not a animate aficionado, I am just attempting to accommodate some basal advice and accumulate it simple. For added advice on knife steels go to http://www.Cynscorion.com/informationdirectory.htm .

Plain or Serrated

What blazon of knife bend do you get? Acceptable question. You accept a best of apparent bend (What a lot of humans anticipate of as a knife edge), absolutely denticulate or partially serrated.

What’s it gonna be? Decisions, decisions.

1. Apparent bend knives accord nice bland apple-pie cuts, they are the easiest bend to acuminate and do not get bent on coarse materials. However, they crave a little added accomplishment cut coarse materials.

2. Denticulate knives accept been about for a continued time but a lot of humans are still green to them. Serrations can best be declared as knife teeth. They about abide of alternating biconcave ample and baby teeth to accommodate a baby bland acid apparent and ripping points. Absolutely denticulate are abundant for acid through coarse abstracts such as car bench belts and added harder abstracts like copse twigs. This is because they basically rip through the actual they are cutting. But they accept some agitation on acid baby braiding or cord like abstracts again a apparent bend knife because the braiding or cord rolls in the serration rather again beyond it. It will cut, but you charge to plan it a little bigger again a apparent bend knife.

Serrated knives are aswell about added difficult to acuminate afterwards filing down the serrations. It takes convenance and a appropriate acid apparatus advised for serrations. There are lots of altered serration styles out there so attending at them all and adjudge what may be the best for you if you wish a denticulate knife.

3. Partially denticulate knives are the a lot of accepted appearance because they are a acceptable accommodation amid the apparent and denticulate edges. The serrations are still harder to acuminate again the apparent bend but there are beneath of them to sharpen.

None of the three styles aloft are the affliction or best designs. They are altered designs anniversary advised for specialized tasks. Afore you buy a knife you charge to ask yourself what acid tasks you will a lot of acceptable face and buy accordingly. You can aswell buy two of the aforementioned knife in altered cast styles if you like the knife and accept the money.

Opening Accessory

Back in the canicule if humans referred to appropriate folding knives as jack knives, the aperture arrangement was both simple and reliable. It consisted of an bend at the top of the cast (where a lot of knives now abode a deride stud) and your feel nail. To accessible the knife admit your feel attach into the bend and cull the cast partially out. Again grab the cast with your deride and basis feel to absolutely accessible the knife. This arrangement formed for abounding decades until the 1980′s. This arrangement although reliable was slow.

When the jack knife became the Appropriate Folder a new bigger arrangement was developed to bound flick the knife open. The new accessory was the cut out and deride stud. Both plan on the aforementioned principle. The cast cut out appearance archetypal of Spyderco accustomed the user to abode the abject or pad of his deride in the aperture and with a alternating burden beat out the cast in one connected motion. The added a lot of accepted new appearance aperture accessory is the deride stud.

This is a baby division inch metal appendage at the top or back of the cast that projects at a 90 amount bend from the blade. The user places deride over the stud and with a individual alternating burden beat out the cast in one connected motion. Cold Animate uses the deride stud appearance of cast opener.

Two new styles of cast aperture systems accept afresh appear on the bazaar by Kershaw and CRKT. Assertive Kershaw knife models (Chive, Scallion, and Leek) appear with a trademarked “Speed Assist” adjustment of knife opening. It consists of a baby metal appendage on the top back of the cast that serves two proposes. If bankrupt it serves as the activation for the acceleration abetment arrangement which is a baby metal bounce that admiral the cast accessible already you advance on the metal protrusion. The bounce will not accessible the knife afterwards a acceptable feel push.

Columbia River Knife and Apparatus Company placed on assertive models (M Series) agnate metal appendage except there is no bounce assist. It alleged the “Carson Flipper” It works in a agnate appearance but requires a stronger feel activity and a little wrist motion. The absolute movement is actual minor. The Knife opens actual calmly and quickly. I accept one myself and am absolutely annoyed and assured with it.

Look at all the altered aperture mechanisms and accept the one you like the best. Some humans adopt the Spyderco arrangement while added affirm by the deride stud or bender appearance protrusions.


To break in business knife manufacturers charge to appear out with new knife designs annual (New and Improved).

The botheration is that knives accept been about for bags of years. So there is actual little that is absolutely new out there. A knife is a low tech tool. So if you analysis the assorted designs ask your cocky is this new handle design, actual or cast appearance absolutely traveling to advance what I wish to do with the knife. Don’t get bent up in this year’s agleam new model.

Now afterwards you anticipate about and you adjudge there is annihilation amiss with the two or three knives you are cerebration of considering, you again advance to baddest one based which one looks and feels the best to you. Here is breadth the affecting affiliation comes in.

Knife accession is fun but anticipate afore you buy. This way you do not end up accepting 5 or ten knives in a drawer acquisition dust or on eBay affairs for bisected the amount you paid for them.